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We have God's Word in our language.  But at latest count, there are over 7,000 languages in the world.  As of 1 October 2017,  over 114 million people,  speaking 1,636 languages,  are likely to need some form of Bible translation to begin. That means there are a lot of people who haven't heard God speak their language.

That's why more than 6,000 people from over 60 nations are part of Wycliffe's work in more than 90 countries.  That's why we're inviting you to find your place in Wycliffe.

Wycliffe is an international, interdenominational family of believers, united in purpose - reaching the world's people with God's Word in their language.  You can make this your purpose, too, and make a difference in the lives of Bibleless people.

Wycliffe Bible translators (Hong Kong) is one of the member organizations of Wycliffe Global Alliance.  If you are not Hong Kong citizens yet interested in our ministry, you may contact your nearby Wycliffe office for detail.

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About Us

Our Mission

We will promote the vision of Bible translation in churches and believer groups in Hong Kong in order to encourage their participation in the Bible Translation movement by



and services.

Our Vision

Through working with partners around the globe, we aim to care for the holistic needs of individuals, communities, and countries, establishing those groups that need Bible translation as soon as possible. We hope that lives will be transformed as people are able to experience God's love through understanding His word in their own heart language and culture.

Doctrinal Statement

1. We believe the Bible, the inspired Word of God, is completely trustworthy, speaking with supreme authority in all matters of belief and practice.

2. We believe in one God, who exists eternally in three persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

3. We believe all people, being created in the image of God, have intrinsic value, but as a result of sin are alienated from God and each other, and therefore in need of reconciliation.

4. We believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, born of the virgin Mary, is fully God and fully human; He demonstrated God's love for sinners by suffering the penalty of death in their place, rose bodily from the dead and ascended to heaven where He intercedes for His people.

5. We believe all who repent and trust in Jesus Christ alone as Lord and Savior are, by the grace of God, declared to be right with Him, receiving forgiveness and eternal life.

6. We believe the Lord Jesus Christ will return personally in glory, raise the dead, and judge the world.

7. We believe all people will rise from the dead, those who are in Christ to enjoy eternal life with God, and those who are lost to suffer eternal separation from Him.

8. We believe in the Holy Spirit who imparts new life to those who believe in Christ; through His indwelling presence and transforming power He gives assurance and equips believers for holy living and effective service.

9. We believe the Church is the body of Christ, the fellowship of all believers, and is commissioned to make disciples of all nations.

Our Belief

The Bible is God's Word and every language group in the world should be able to know God through the Bible. The mother tongue is the most effective language of communication. Having access to a Bible in their mother tongue is an indispensable and important component in their process of life transformation.

No language is too difficult

to learn in order to translate the Bible.

No people group is too small in size

to be worthy of catering to its holistic needs.

Therefore, translating the Bible for every people group that needs it is the responsibility of the universal church that every believer can be a part of. We will rely on the power given by the Holy Spirit to accomplish God's commission and mandate to His church.

Our History

Wycliffe Bible Translators Hong Kong Council was set up in 1987 and is a member organization of Wycliffe GlobalAlliance.  In the early years, Wycliffe HK had no formal office, thus most works were done in Council members' home.  In 1990, the very first office was set up in North Point.  Though it was a small office, ministry had expanded on various aspects.  In 1992, Rev. Wayne Leung was appointed as the director of Wycliffe HK.  Under his leadership, Wycliffe HK had developed even stronger ministry.  Healthy partnerships were built with many churches and other mission agencies.  Rev. Leung reassigned to Wycliffe International in 2002 as a consultant for Asia Pacific Areas.  On 1 July, 2006, Wycliffe HK completed its procedure of incorporation, and was renamed as 'Wycliffe Bible Translators (Hong Kong)'.  Mr. Thomas Chiang was appointed as the new director.

Up to November 2012, Wycliffe HK has 47 members who were sent out by churches to 11 areas.  They participate in Bible translation, exegetical studies, literacy, administration, personnel, finances and so.  In addition, there are 6 staff members base in Hong Kong to serve the churches here.  The first New Testament done by Wycliffe HK personnel was completed in July 2001 in a language of North Eurasia Area.

Apart from these, over a hundred Hong Kong churches have embraced the vision of Bible translation. They support numerous translation projects worldwide through donations, prayer and field visiting.  In the last two decades, more and more Chinese churches actively take part in world missions; however, Chinese's involvement in Bible translation is still rare.  In the hope of bringing God's word to every tribes in the world, Wycliffe HK partners with other organizations worldwide to share the vision with Chinese Churches and promote their interest in joining this ministry.

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Flat A, 2/F,  Right Time Building, 21-27 Playing Field Road, Mongkok, HK

(Near Exit A of Prince Edward MTR Station)

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King's Road P.O. Box 34757, Hong Kong




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